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Selected dishes from the East to Finnish tastes

You don't need to travel to China to enjoy Chinese food; it has flourished in every corner of the globe since the first Chinese restaurant was set up in the United States in the late 19th century. But do you really know what Chinese food is? Have you tried to eat a meal using chopsticks and a bowl? Do you share the dishes with everyone at the table? Can you tell the difference between chili pepper and Szechuan pepper?

Chinese food is not simply a type of exotic food that you sometimes crave for, and is not just eating rice instead of potato, stir-fried mixed vegetables instead of salad, and sliced meat instead of steak; it is a culture, a system and a pleasant journey that sends your senses to the mysterious country in the Far East.

Welcome to the newly renovated Long Gong, where you are presented with a carefully selected range of authentic Chinese dishes that represent the distinctive culinary characteristics in different parts of China, as well as the Finnish favourites that you are familiar with.

Be adventurous and explore the 5000 years of Chinese history and culture by indulging yourself into a wholesome meal!

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