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All main courses except rice and noodle are served with steamed white rice.

You could change it to fried rice/noodle with egg at 4,00 € per serving. If you would like to share a main course, we charge an extra of 2,50 € for rice and services.

All our dishes are free of lactose, except for desserts with ice-cream. Please inform us of any other allergies in advance.

Szechuan pepper from Szechuan

Szechuan is a province in west-southern China, and Szechuan cuisine is probably the most popular one of the eight major cuisine styles of Chinese food. One characteristic of Szechuan cuisine is the abundant use of "three peppers": chili pepper, Szechuan pepper and white pepper, and this explains why Szechuan is always a synonym for hot and spicy.


Combos are portions for one, so you can combine different flavours!

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